New York in the winter could destroy anybody’s soul

Adventure gamers, rejoice!  Your favorite spirit medium and her ghostly sidekick are coming back in the fifth game in Wadjet Eye’s popular Blackwell series, the just-announced Blackwell Epiphany.

Information about Blackwell Epiphany is scant at the time of this writing, but what kind of an early announcement would it be if it wasn’t? 

Having said that, there are a few things we know for sure: Rosa Blackwell and her ghostly pal Joey Mallone are once again the stars of the story, it will be set in a snowy New York City, and Blackwell and Mallone will be going up against an antagonist “willing to rip apart a person’s very soul to get what it wants,” according to a press representative for Wadjet Eye Games.

Blackwell Epiphany

We also managed to follow up with Wadjet Eye’s Dave Gilbert, who shed some light on a few things for us.  It’s been six months since we’ve last visited with Rosa and Joey, and the pair are looking for clues about the shadowy organization that was revealed at the end of The Blackwell Deception. This soul destroying force that they’ve discovered might just be connected.

“For Epiphany, I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone,” Gilbert told us. “It’s been said that my games are generally very middle class – the locations you visit are mostly offices, apartments, shops and such (pretty much mirroring my own life) – and I wanted to stretch myself a little and try things that I’m not normally comfortable with. It’s been very liberating. I’m tackling subject matter that I probably would have shied away from before, while still remaining very true to the themes and tradition of the series. Each Blackwell game gets longer, darker, and more complex, and this one is no exception.”

Blackwell Epiphany

Gilbert wouldn’t confirm or deny if Epiphany will be the last entry in the Blackwell series, but he did tell us that he has “a definite idea of how I want the series to end.”  Likewise, after Epiphany, Gilbert speculates that he’ll want to take a break from Blackwell “just to cleanse the creative pallet and see what else I can come up with!”

We’ve been told that Blackwell Epiphany is shooting for a release in 2013, but that it’s still too early in the development to commit to anything.  Keep your fingers crossed for a release this year, but don’t be surprised if this one ends up hitting digital shelves after next winter’s real snowy New York has thawed.