Manage resources and villagers with Pocket Village for iOS

There are hundreds of religions and cultures on Earth, and most of them are at odds with one another about the true nature of the higher powers and/or laws that govern us (if any). There’s one thing we can probably all agree on, though: It’s not often that orders come directly from up on high, and as a result our species kind of stumbles around aimlessly. It would be nice if a heavenly voice commanded, “YOU—chop wood for an hour!” and then freed us up to goof off for the rest of the day. Fortunately, you can be that benevolent, laid-back god in Pocket Village for iOS.

Pocket Village

Pocket Village is a village-building game, and is Wooga’s first exclusively mobile title. Your village is populated by the Pocketeers, agreeable animal-like beings who are down with doing reams of busywork. While your Pocketeers fetch fruit, stones, water, wood, and other materials, you can map out their new homes. Give them some nice digs—they work hard.

The game is designed to accommodate persnickety gods who feel obligated to check on their village every minute, as well as mellow gods who want to play it cool. Either way, if you give your Pocketeers a task, they’ll perform it and then occupy themselves until you come back and tell them what to do next. Chances are they’ll be taking a nap in the sun. A noble pastime.

Pocket Village is coming to iPhone and iPad on April 11. Try not to push your new kids too hard.