Fly around the world, pick through hidden object scenes, and look forward to weekly installments of new content.

Some women just want to watch the world turn from several thousand feet up in the air. Pearl’s Peril is an upcoming hidden object game about a pilot named Pearl who must unravel a personal mystery. It’s a rough job. Luckily, she can take breaks and build up her tropical island.

Pearl's Peril

When Pearl gets news about her father’s death, her world does a barrel roll. What’s worse, it’s not as if her father suffers a normal, dignified end like passing out on the john; he’s been murdered, and Pearl needs to identify whodunit. Getting to the bottom of the mystery requires flying around the world and combing through lots and lots of hidden object scenes for clues.

Pearl also inherits an island paradise, but it’s a bit overgrown. When you’re not helping Pearl wade through piles of stuff you can pick up a machete, whack some weeds, and maybe do something about the island’s screaming macaw problem.

Pearl's Peril

The story for Pearl’s Peril is penned by Steven-Elliot Altman, a veteran game writer and novelist. Each hidden object scene shows off tons of detail and lots of soft, pleasing colors. HOG enthusiasts should be especially excited by Wooga’s resolve to release a new chapter of Pearl’s Peril every week, meaning new scenes, and new stories. The game’s episodic format is intriguing, but let’s hope our hunger for content doesn’t bar Pearl from putting her father’s soul to rest before she keels over of old age.

Pearl’s Peril comes to the web on March 5, and an iOS release will follow in Q2 of 2013.