Build up a kingdom and throw armies at your friends with Wooga’s Kingsbridge.

Have you ever had a sad moment when you drank a little too much whiskey and then decided to plumb the darkest corners of Craigslist? Maybe you saw some sketchy giveaways offering a free mattress to anyone who wanted to fumigate its bedbug colony first. Kingsbridge similarly offers the player a fixer-upper, but there are no soiled mattresses and parasites (thankfully). Instead, you need to clear some bandits out of your town and then work on building up that town into something to be proud of.


Kingsbridge is a web-based game that features combat, strategy, and building. You begin the adventure as a humble citizen who fights off a pack of bandits, and is then tasked with turning the miserable hamlet into a thriving kingdom.

Peaceful kingdoms have a way of turning war-like, however, which is why Kingsbridge also puts emphasis on making war. It’s your choice, though: You can visit your friends’ kingdoms and chat about puppies over a spot of tea, or you can throw down the gauntlet (we suggest a brick through a window) and send your archers, hammermen and guards trampling all over your rivals’ front lawn.

Kingsbridge is engineered to be accessible for players of all skill levels, but Wooga promises a level of depth that should challenge veteran game players, too. Regardless of how good you are at games, remember to pen some ballads for the soldiers that die in the name of your pride. They’re kind of adorable.

Kingsbridge goes live in April.