When developer Almost Human began work on new content for Legend of Grimrock, the plan was to release it as DLC. But the scope of that content continued to grow, and the studio decided it best to just release a new game entirely. Legend of Grimrock 2 is that game, and while details are scarce, the chances of us traversing a dank dungeon once again are pretty good.

 “Creating a mere DLC or expansion to Grimrock simply would not have felt right,” programmer Petri Hakkinen said in a blog post. “We still have a lot of ideas we’d like to explore, lots and lots of new content already done (originally made for a DLC/expansion) and a big engine update in the works. Simply put, a DLC would have limited too much what we can do.”

So, with all this work already completed, the release date shouldn’t be too far off, right? Could be! Hakkinen didn’t comment on the matter, although he mentioned that the studio will be updating fans on the game’s progress in future development updates – just as they did with the first game.

Legend of Grimrock was our favorite RPG of 2012, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’re looking forward to the sequel. More importantly, though, are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments!