It’s a hard-rock life.

Haven’t you ever wished you could be a giant boulder? I mean what’s not to love? Just rolling around and crushing everything that gets in your path with no remorse. You wouldn’t even have to worry about menial human needs like eating or going to the bathroom! Well luckily for us, All Things Media is letting us in on the fun in Roll: Boulder Smash!, an upcoming mobile game where players can “experience what it’s like to be a boulder on the run, causing as much destruction as possible.”

Roll: Boulder Smash!

We’ve only seen a glimpse of the gameplay footage so far, but physics-based reactions will play a huge roll in chaining together destructive combos in the objects you knock down, as the game’s introductory video invites you to create chaos, instill fear, and break everything! All of the characters that you’ll smash, from elephants to native tribesmen, look a bit like boulders themselves, which is a really cool design choice. It almost reminds of a cross between the rolling gameplay of Katamari Damacy, and the fun-loving graphics of Banjo-Kazooie, but with the simple accessibility of a mobile game.

Roll: Boulder Smash! features three massive and beautiful 3D worlds to explore, full of secret passages to find and adorable geometric animals to flatten. You’ll squash elephants and apes in the Jungle World, chase penguins and Vikings in the Snow World, and make cowboys and buffalo head for the hills in the Canyon World. In addition to the open-ended exploration of Story Mode, Roll: Boulder Smash! also comes with a 60-level Challenge Mode, where you’ll need to fling your boulder in certain ways to master elements like timing and utilizing the environment. Three stars can be earned by completing each level within a certain time frame or knocking out specific characters, and the game boasts more than 70 in-game achievements to keep the party rolling well past Story Mode.

Roll: Boulder Smash!

You can roll your way to victory when Roll: Boulder Smash! hits iOS platforms on March 7, 2013. I know I’ll be picking this one up, so if you see me rolling around on the App Store that day, just make sure you get out of my way!