Dave Marsh of NimbleBit, clearly sensing the fans’ angst for more Nimble Quest info, has been sneakily uploading footage of the game to his Everyplay page. If you’ve been wanting to get a better sense of how the upcoming action RPG plays, today’s your lucky day.

To contextualize these videos a bit, let’s first discuss the core mechanics of Nimble Quest. Borrowing a page from the classic game of Snake (and then proceeding to take it somewhere way crazier), you assume control of an always-moving “conga line” of heroes and attempt to defeat enemy hordes across a variety of different levels. And seeing as how it’s an RPG, there will also be loot to collect, as well as the ability to upgrade your party over the course of the game.

And with that, you should be primed and ready to see Nimble Quest in action. There are five gameplay videos on Dave Marsh’s Everyplay page as of this posting, but it’s possible he’ll be adding more over time. Go forth, and watch some pixelated enemies get what they deserve.

Nimble Quest is expected to launch sometime within the next few months, and chances are good we’ll be hearing plenty more about it before it hits virtual shelves. We’ll be certain to keep you in the loop—or conga line, if you prefer—about any announcements.