Tetris kicks up the intensity a notch with Tetris Blitz.

Do you know how to play Tetris? Talk about a silly question, one that’s possibly more absurd than “Do you know how to breathe?” Everyone has played Tetris, including your grandmother, your father, your hamster, and those aliens that invade your bedroom every night and put you in suspended animation just so they can go a few rounds on your old Game Boy cart. After so many ports and revamps, is there anything else that can be done with gaming’s favorite falling blocks? EA hopes so; it’s turning up the intensity with Tetris Blitz for iOS and Android.

Tetris Blitz     Tetris Blitz

According to EA, Tetris Blitz is decked out with all-new visuals to match its new style of gameplay: A race against the clock. You have two minutes to clear lines and stack up as many points as possible—though “stack” is a poor verb to use in this situation, since the last thing you want to deal with in a Tetris game is a stack of blocks.

If you clear multiple lines back-to-back, you might manage to trigger the game’s Frenzy Mode, which lets you rack up points. You can also boost your score by utilizing a rotating catalogue of power-ups that blow things up real good.

 Tetris Blitz     Tetris Blitz

Like EA’s previous mobile Tetris release, Tetris Blitz allows for multiple control options, including the traditional swipe-based controls and a new “Drag and Place” option for supreme accuracy.

Tetris Blitz hits iOS and Android soon. May the odds of an “I” block appearance be ever in your favor.