We spend a lot of time looking at games here at Gamezebo. You’d expect as much – heck, it’s in our name! But have you ever wondered which games the Gamezebo staff are really passionate about? The ones we can’t personally wait to get our hands on?

Last week Jillian Werner gave us some of her most anticipated picks, including Jonathan Blow’s mysterious follow-up to Braid. This week, it’s Joe Jasko’s turn, as the Gamezebo contributor shares with us some cool looking games about meat, popcorn, and trying not to starve. Is there a common theme here? Don’t judge me, I’m hungry!



Super Meat Boy: The Game (iOS)

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of rock-star indie game developer Edmund McMillen and Team Meat (in fact, I sent in a review of The Binding of Isaac when I applied for this job!), so the upcoming iOS release of Super Meat Boy: The Game has got me pretty excited. Super Meat Boy is known for its insane platforming difficulty, so I’m interested to see how that blistering retro precision will be translated onto touchscreen controls. Edmund has also promised the game will be a massive adventure, and completely built from the ground-up for mobile devices. Sadly, Super Meat Boy: The Game has been put on the backburner for now while Edmund and Tommy focus all of their efforts on finishing the delightfully bizarre and mysterious Mew-Genics. Either way, that’s two new Team Meat games for us on the horizon!



Don’t Starve (PC)

Don’t you just love games that tell you exactly what you have to do, right in the title? The objective of Don’t Starve seems to be simple enough: learn to adapt to your surroundings, harvest materials, and above all else, don’t starve! At its core, Don’t Starve looks to be a wilderness survival game akin to Minecraft, but with a neat scientific twist. You play as a “gentleman scientist” named Wilson, who has to scour the environment for food and face off against the forest’s deadliest of creatures. You’ll get to chop down trees, build fires, and pick berries in your quest to stay alive. Heck, with that gorgeous art style, this game could tell me to do anything it wants and I’d still be itching to play it!



Hammerwatch (PC, Mac, Linux)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years as a gamer, it’s that we need more games like Midway’s hack-and-slash arcade classic, Gauntlet. I mean, what’s not there to love? Battling hoards of enemies, stumbling upon secret corridors, and vying with your friends to get all the best loot? Well luckily for us, we now have Hammerwatch to look forward to. Hammerwatch is a love letter to the legions of Gauntlet fans that captures the spirit of the classic game with beautiful pixel graphics, awesome weapons and character classes, and that age-old fast-paced dungeon action. That Q2 2013 release date just can’t come fast enough for me! And to the developers of Hammerwatch, I have just one thing to say: you had me at “4-player CO-OP.”



Popcorn Dragon (iOS)

I’m a sucker for anything PopCap-related, from Peggle to Feeding Frenzy and everything in between. So when a new announcement trailer for their latest cutesy endeavor Popcorn Dragon was unveiled back in 2011, I was immediately sold. Popcorn Dragon lets you play as Ignatius Flambé, a little red dragon and movie-enthusiast, who flies around Hollywood breathing fire on un-popped kernels to turn them into popcorn! Unfortunately we haven’t heard a single peep of news about the game since the debut trailer was first released. While PopCap is no doubt keeping busy right now with the hugely anticipated Plants vs. Zombies sequel, I still have hope that we’ll see a release date for this one soon. Once Popcorn Dragon comes to a theater near you, I have high hopes that it will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other Popcap greats.