I didn’t have the best of luck when it came to dating in high school and throughout most of college. I was always the shy kid, content with sitting in the corner at parties, wearing my graphic band tees and fiddling around on my flip phone. That’s why the idea of a social dating game like Flirt Planet that caters towards shy people seems so cool, and so long overdue! Where was this game when I was in high school?!

Flirt Planet is an upcoming simulation dating game by TrulySocial, that’s currently seeking fan funding on Indiegogo.com, and prides itself on being a meaningful experience for daters and gamers alike. The idea behind Flirt Planet is that most video games teach you how to do something: fly an airplane; manage a city; reload your shotgun before the next wave of zombies approaches, etc. But unfortunately, there’s no game out there to teach you one of life’s most important social skills: how to flirt! That’s right, a game with some important, real-life lasting value once you turn your device off.

An incredibly charming introductory movie by TrulySocial is sure to put a smile on any viewer’s face, and show that these are just nice people, wanting to make a fun and informative game that anyone can enjoy. The developers explain, “This isn’t a game for the socially inept. This game is for people, people who want to be more social, more outgoing: but they just need a little practice.”

You’ll be able to laugh, learn, and love as your explore the ins and outs of being social, while never feeling restricted inside some kind of distanced “social network” like Facebook or Twitter. There’s little known about the final gameplay build right now, except that you can interact with other avatars you find attractive through text-based chat or exchanging looks and other gestures. You also seem to be coached by these strange blue alien creatures that look to play the role of Cupid in the game.


Flirt Planet is already one-third of the way towards reaching its $30,000 Indiegogo goal, with 44 days still left in the pledging period. They’re also offering some pretty nice reward packages on the game’s Indiegogo page for contributors, too. If you drop $100 on the project, you’ll get a set of 3 Plush Toys of the Flirt Planet aliens, and a $225 donation will land you an invite-only access to the “VIP Dating Club,” along with five guest passes for all of your single friends.

Flirt Planet is expected to hit the dating scene around May 2013, but if you really need some dating help ASAP, you can check out a test version of the game right now on Facebook, while you wait for the full experience to be funded and launch on iOS and Android platforms. I just hope my real girlfriend doesn’t get too jealous of my virtual girlfriend in Flirt Planet! Is there a separate game on how to deal with something like that?

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