Some new content is whirling its way into the land of Oz, as the social facebook farming game based on the fairytale franchise has a new update rolling out this week. The new content revolves around the Scarecrow character, who — upon being plucked from his perch in the cornfields outside Munchkinland — will introduce players to Scarecrow Farm, an alternative place for them to boost resources while still tending to their tasks in Munchkinland.

The Wizard of Oz is set in Munchkinland, and as our review puts it, involves building up the diminutive town by “clearing land for resources, assembling buildings, starting up businesses, collecting rent, and all the typical tasks that need to be done when conquering a childlike race of people with capitalism.” The goal is to ultimately rebuild the Yellow Brick Road, done by earning enough resources to create gold bricks that pave the way to the Emerald City.

With the new addition of Scarecrow Farm comes new challenges and a bevy of unique crops to harvest. New crop types include Star, Wand and Treasure crops, as well as the lucrative Gold Ore Root plant. Players must also protect their harvest by shooing away crows that want to eat up their crop yield, while those who meet the Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road will be treated to new quests and adventures to take on.

To find out more about the new update and try your own hand at Munchkin-management, head over to the official The Wizard of Oz facebook game page.