Become the very best in this Pokemon-inspired MMO!

It seems like almost every week now, mobile gamers are treated to yet another developer’s attempt at recapturing the magic of the Pokemon series. And why wouldn’t they try? After all, I haven’t met another gamer who could deny the lasting appeal of scouring the countryside and battling your way to the top with a crew of fun-loving creatures who quickly become your friends.

Battle Camp     Battle Camp

Battle Camp is an upcoming MMO by PennyPop of Bubble Shooter fame that captures the essence of Pokemon in a camp wilderness setting, and we think it has the potential to be one of the genre’s strongest offerings to date. Battle Camp blends the addictive “Gotta catch ’em all” mentality of Pokemon with a fresh social gaming experience, where you can go on fun-filled quests with all of your friends (and rivals) in real time. As you explore the camp and hunt for the rarest of monsters, you’ll earn badges and win exciting prizes towards your goal of becoming the best monster scout in Camp.

What’s unique about this one, though, is that Battle Camp employs a match-3 battling system, which accentuates the RPG strategy combat with a cool puzzle twist. It remains to be seen exactly how this system will work, but I’m guessing it’ll be something loosely along the lines of Puzzle Quest. There is a very earthly feel to the game, with the match-3 objects consisting of leaves, water, rocks, and flowers, and every monster is based on some cutesy animal or plant combination. There’s even one monster named Rubbleyell who looks just like a rock with a crystal on his head.

Battle Camp     Battle Camp

With over 135 unique monsters to collect, you can build the ultimate team by finding such adorable monsters as Slushbug, Planda, Tortoice, and Killypad. You’ll also be able to evolve your monsters to boost their attack, health, and recovery stats. The game’s infectious cartoon graphics serve the concept perfectly, and a text-based chat system is integrated right within the game, so you can easily brag to all your friends about the Yukayuk you’ve captured.

No word yet on a specific release date, but Battle Camp is expected to launch on the iOS App Store for the wonderful price of absolutely nothing! Let’s just hope the free-to-play model doesn’t set me back too much on my quest to be the best. And I’m calling it now: I’m going to catch every monster first!