No relation to ecola

Ecol might only be one letter and a period away from something most people don’t care to be around, but T Play Interactive, YD Interactive and OnNet are hoping everyone will want to know what it’s all about in the next few months. That’s because the studios are putting the finishing touches on Ecol Tactics, a tactical fantasy RPG that looks like it might bring back warm, fuzzy memories of certain alliterative console games of the past.

This particular adventure will take place right in browser windows through the GamesCampus portal. You’ll control a robbery victim who is saved by a band of mercenaries before asking to train with them. After some quests to build up your skills, you’ll move on to start your own band of mercs, which will come in handy when a monstrous invasion threatens both your homeland and its king and queen.

That’s only the start of a story that winds its way across four continents. If that’s not enough to keep you hooked, you’ll also be able to explore a variety of side quests, dungeons and PvP battlegrounds. A number of MMO features like chat, guilds, and LFG (looking for group) tool and an auction house are also planned.

Combat will be turn-based, promising to rely more on strategic decisions than fast reflexes. The developers are hinting that building up all of the members of your mercenary crew will be key, and that you’ll be able to switch between four classes for your character without penalty. Customization fans should perk up at the news that a wide range of appearance options and gear crafting is also on board to get your character’s look just right.

Ecol Tactics

As for the overall look, there’s a definite classic anime style to the concept art and creature designs. The in-game graphics rely on original pixel art, but with detailed spell effects and animation that should brighten up any browser. The Final Fantasy (pretty obviously) and Disgaea series are being cited as inspirations, and those are pretty good ones to have as muses.

Ecol Tactics will be free to play but supported by microtransactions. If you’re as excited to see how this turns out as we are, just click on the ‘Follow” button at the top of this page for more info as it leaks out.