Wait, so worms can run?

Ever been chased by a man-eating worm about fifty times your size? I know I haven’t.  But even though I don’t have any first-hand experience in that area, I can only assume there’s a certain thrill that goes along with the running of the worms. Later this month, we all will be able to experience this surge of adrenaline as Worm Run launches on iOS.

Worm Run

We last saw Worm Run a few months ago, as one of Gamezebo’s Kickstarter Picks. Golden Ruby Games ended up earning $3,700 (about $500 more than their goal). Since then, Worm Run does not appear to have changed much, outside of sharper graphics, and presumably somebody’s face in the background.  The only disappointment from the Kickstarter is that nobody paid the $500 necessary to choose the main character’s middle name.

The concept of Worm Run is simple, but intriguing. The game finds you in control of Zeke Tallahassee, a space janitor who—for whatever reason—is being chased by a giant worm. Worm Run uses this as a foundation for building an endless runner. Unlike most endless runners, Zeke isn’t confined to just moving right. With a unique, swipe-based, control scheme, you’ll be able to move Zeke freely and quickly through procedurally generated stages.

Worm Run

Worm Run also looks to keep the intensity blasting through the use of power-ups, level hazards, and coin collection.  If you’re a fan of endless runners, platformers, or giant fuzzy worms, keep an eye on this one when it launches on iOS later this month for $0.99.