Prepare to learn more about your friends than you probably ever wanted to.

To me, the letters “TMI” have always stood for “Too Much Information,” as in things you really wish you hadn’t heard. They’re going to get a second, slightly different meaning this spring when EA releases TMi Trivia for iOS devices. The trivia game “with a mind of its own” will pit you against your friends with constantly updated questions on pop culture – and you.

TMi Trivia

The content based on movies, TV, music, celebrity gossip, sports and style will come from the game’s partnership with major media brands like Variety, SPIN, Celebuzz and Fanhattan, with more planned after launch. Questions about you and your friends will come from the game’s ability to peek into your Facebook and iTunes profiles to personalize the experience, incorporating your common interests to keep things both fresh and relevant.

A library of over 30,000 questions makes for a good starting point, and the rest sounds like one of the best uses of your social media profiles that anyone has come up with yet. Plus if you end up playing against me, you’ll learn that behind my hip hop and sports-loving exterior, I’m not to be trifled with when it comes to late 90s/early 2000s boy band trivia. Like ever.

TMi Trivia

Screenshots show off a category wheel of some sort with question themes like “Movie Poster Taglines.” You’ll be able to compete against as many as four other players in asynchronous rounds, trying to answer the same questions in the fastest possible time. Weekly jackpots, achievements and badges will all be up for grabs, and even though I’m not sure how they will work in a trivia game, power ups too. Maybe you’ll gain the ability to block your friends from using Google while they answer questions.

For a trivia game to really move the needle these days, it needs to be social and interactive, and TMi Trivia sounds like it will buzz in quickly in both respects. As they often do, lucky Canadians will get to take the game for a test drive before the rest of us. Click the ‘Follow” button way up yonder to receive more information on when it will come to iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches worldwide.