An update to Middle Manager of Justice recently went live, and brought with it a pretty impressive list of changes. First and foremost, the last two neighborhoods in the game are now open, and a brand new hero named The Cosmic Crowbar has been added to the mix. He’s as awesome as he sounds.

Double Fine published a list of all the changes made to the game, and because I think you’re all pretty cool, I’ve pasted it below. Be warned, though, that it’s pretty long. Kind of like a crowbar, I suppose you could say.


  • Alien invasion: The last two neighborhoods are opened up!
  • Brand new hero, The Cosmic Crowbar!  This hero was created by our ardent supporter Steven Dengler!
  • Valentine’s Day Event: Evil forces are ruining Valentine’s Day!  Save love!
  • Memory Savings: We’ve fixed many bugs which was causing more memory to be allocated than before.  This will ensure that out of memory crashes will happened a LOT less than before.
  • Play your own music: You can play your own audio over the game and make Brian Min cry.  Just make sure you mute the in game audio in the options menu. 
  • Brand New Splash Screen: We’ll keep you updated with the latest news!
  • Easier iCloud integration: You’ll be able to load and save manually from the iCloud and will no longer have to go through the tutorial to sync .
  • Water Cooler, Juicer, Yak: New items for the office that will replenish health items on every fight!
  • Heroes returning to work: Heroes will go back to what they were doing whenever they are interrupted.
  • New Scheduler UI: Cleaner scheduler UI with bigger buttons for ease of use in devices with smaller screens.
  • Level Cap Raised: The level cap for the Middle Manager and the Heroes are raised to 15.
  • Achievement Fixes:  Achievements while offline should be rewarded when back online.
  • Branch Rating Fix: Now the branch rating should keep going up even when you’ve maxed out your Middle Manager.

That’s an overwhelming amount of bullet points, and as such you should probably prioritize which changes you check out first. We recommend saving Valentine’s Day right off the bat, but only because we really like chocolates (except the stupid coconut ones). Or you could take advantage of the new level cap and then save Valentine’s Day. It seems like a maxed-out Cosmic Crowbar could handle just about any villain, and considering how romantic most crowbars are by nature, he’ll have a vested interest in taking out the evil forces trying to ruin the holiday. I mean just look at him:


Could he be any more suave? Let us know in the comments! Unless you disagree, of course. In which case don’t let us know.