Frima Studios and Moonscoop have announced a new partnership today, which will result in an animated children’s TV series based on the popular Squids mobile franchise. In the press release, Frima Studios and Moonscoop reveal “The show will follow the exploits of four springy octopus adventurers as they travel between themed underwater kingdoms to hold the evil Baron and his infection at bay!” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that sounded like the synopsis of a hit mobile game, so this should definitely be an interesting endeavor!

There are no other details about the Squids TV show as of yet, like format or broadcast network, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments that take place in the months going forward. I for one hope the show will retain that quirky sense of humor and cartoony graphics of the mobile games; but for those worried that the loveable squids have sold out to corporate TV America, never fear! Christophe Di Sabatino, CEO of Moonscoop, has announced: “We are excited to develop one of the first brands linking original content from mobile to television.” Can you say TV-mobile game crossover?!

The Squids series is currently enjoying success with their second title, Squids Wild West, which sees everyone’s favorite tentacled creatures donning sheriff’s hats and cowboy stars and heading to the underwater Far West for some good ole’ fashioned Seahorse-riding. Here’s to hoping one of the starring octopi in the show will be Clint!