Challenge your friends in these BattleZone-style tank wars!

Whenever I have a disagreement with one of my friends over something, there’s usually only one way we can ever solve our differences: in an all-out tank war. Luckily, zTanks will save me the trouble of building a shoddy and illegal tank in my backyard, and just let me battle my friends online using digital tanks instead.


zTanks is an upcoming mobile action game that features “multiplayer arena tank madness” in the style of bzFlag and BattleZone. The game is also cross-platform, so Android and iOS users can clash with one another and settle which platform is best, via tank. While there’s no gameplay footage to be found as of yet, the few available screenshots of zTanks show a flashy, high-tech digital arena that looks like something right out of the world of Tron. Up to 12 players can take to the battlefield at once, and compete in frenzied multiplayer games of Capture the Flag and Team FFA. But I’m personally more interested in seeing how Melee mode is going to work, because I wasn’t exactly aware that a tank could melee someone.

zTanks will feature light, medium, and heavy styles of tanks, with first- and third-person views, and more than a dozen power-ups to find across the battlefields. In future updates, the developers plan to add a slew of special weapons that will recharge over time, and bring speed boosts, mega jump, lasers, freeze rays and more to the tank war equation. I don’t know if I can think of anything more intimidating than seeing a deadly tank perform a mega jump right in front of me.


The full free-to-play release of zTanks will be available for Android and iOS devices this coming spring, with the option of upgrading to the pro version for $1.99 (although it’s uncertain right now what kind of benefits the pro version will offer). In the meantime, tank enthusiasts can sign up for early access on the game’s website, when the finished alpha version of zTanks is released to the public on Friday.