Team Meat says it has stopped working on the mobile-based Super Meat Boy: The Game to focus its time and attention solely on Mew-Genics, a title which originally began as a Ludum Dare game jam entry.

The creative duo saw potential that stretched far beyond the simple flash game they created, and decided Mew-Genics deserved a full-fledged release, explaining as much in their dev blog:

Mew-Genics had taken the form of a monster mashup of many different game genres with an underlying theme we hadn’t seen done in games before.. so we decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy and remake Mew-Genics outside of flash, making it our new full time project.”

Not a whole lot is known about Mew-Genics just yet, but thankfully Team Meat promises to continue its “extremely vague public development blog” with two more “Caturday” updates. After that, the devs say they plan to stop the weekly updates to “pull back and focus on getting the game done as well as officially announcing what the game actually is and how it plays.”


image via Team Meat

Previously, Team Meat had only confirmed that Mew-Genics would see release on iOS and “other platforms,” but revealed in the post that the game will also be published to Steam. Once Mew-Genics‘ release is all tidied up, Team Meat promises to return to the development of Super Meat Boy: The Game, which is not a port or remake, but an entirely new game built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices. To read more about the touch-based take on this infamously hard franchise, check out our Super Meat Boy: The Game preview.