Have you ever stayed up all night playing video games? It’s an oddly wonderful experience, even if it means you’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of class or work the next day. I bring this up because chances are good you’ll want to pull an all-nighter after you see what games are releasing on iOS tonight – especially if you’re a fan of classic arcade games.

Every Wednesday evening, like clockwork, a variety of high-profile games make their way to the App Store. It’s no different this time around, and chances are good that gamers of all varieties will spot at least one game they want to spend some time with. Personally, I’m pretty excited by the prospect of playing Metal Slug 2 without having to spend a bunch of quarters on it.



Metal Slug 2

Angered by all the attention Metal Slug 1 and 3 received after showing up on the App Store, Metal Slug 2 decided it was time to make its debut. I’m not going to say it’s the best in the series, but I’m not not going to say it, either (other than the pachinko one, of course).



After Burner Climax

After Burner Climax is an incredibly nomadic game. It debuted in arcades back in 2006, but was ported over to PSN and XBLA a few years after. And three platforms wasn’t enough, apparently, as it’s now making its way to iOS. Seeing as how it’s a game about speedy fighter jets, though, all this traveling should come as no surprise.


Roar Rampage
Not unlike the classic Rampage games, Roar Rampage is about giant monsters laying waste to everything in their paths. If you have an appetite for destruction, consider this game your digital buffet.



You’re the last survivor on a planet that’s teeming with killer robots, and your only hope for survival is to ski down slopes and crash into bad guys at fast speeds. If that sounds completely insane to you, that’s probably because it is.