Kabam, the studio behind games like Arcane Empires and Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, appears to be hard at work on a mobile game based on the upcoming Fast and Furious 6. Precious little is known about the game, but it seems probable that it will feature lots of cars, lots of racing, and if we’re lucky, lots of explosions.

Exploding Barrel Games—recently acquired by Kabam—will be in charge of the development duties, which actually makes a good deal of sense. Some of their staff worked on the Need for Speed series, and so there are certainly people there with a solid understanding of how to make a fun-but-crazy racing game. In fact, the only real concern here is how well they’ll manage to create a convincing virtual caricature of Vin Diesel. If they screw that up, the game will be dead on arrival.

But it isn’t like a poorly-rendered Vin Diesel will make or break the film franchise. Much like the humble cockroach, it will continue to exist well after we’re extinct. Robo Vin Diesel and Robo Paul Walker will carry on churning them out like it’s nobody’s business, because fast races and crazy explosions will never cease to be awesome.