Radiated Wasteland is a hardcore RPG on a casual platform.

Popular theory holds that humankind will die out once countries inevitably start flinging nuclear fireworks at each other. Nuclear war may be nothing more than a grim power fantasy, however: When you get right down to it, Nature and outer space have huge vendettas against us, and either is more likely to show us out the door. Radiated Wasteland is a browser-based role-playing game that’s set in the flames of a very possible apocalypse scenario—namely, a world that’s been made a wasteland courtesy of a meteor strike.

Radiated Wasteland

The cheerful scenario for Radiated Wasteland is set up when an irradiated meteor tumbles into Eurasia. Half the planet is wrapped in a fireball, and the other half is left choking under radioactive cloud cover. Some of humanity’s remnants find shelter in underground bunkers, but the slowpokes who didn’t find shelter quickly enough are mutated into cannibalistic monsters.

The gameplay for Radiated Wasteland takes place 30 years after the meteor strike. Some of the underground settlers have decided to go topside, and that includes you.

The game aims to be a “hardcore experience on a casual platform,” and describes itself as a “hybrid of text-based [World of Warcraft] and the Fallout games.” You generate a character and gain skills as you progress through missions. You also need to work with friends and NPCs and scrounge for better armor and weapons. Watch out—zombie cannibals can really put up a fight when the sales are hot at the mall.

Radiated Wasteland is free-to-play, and open beta begins on February 11.