Fight circles with circles.

Shapes are getting awfully uppity these days.  Curiosity‘s cube demands consistent tapping on a global scale, Super Hexagon attempts to steal the title of “most dangerous game” from humanity, and now PUK – Pull Back & Ping is pitting gamers against deceptively challenging circles.  But circles don’t even have corners, you say…how tough could they be?

The answer: very.  A self-proclaimed “fast paced, pure action puzzler,” PUK will require your brain and fingers to work in rapid tandem to achieve its seemingly simple goal: slingshotting your available pucks into large white portals in order to destroy them.  Although you’ll have potentially unlimited shots, each puck needs to hit a portal before the level’s timer runs out in order to proceed.  While aiming at a giant white target may seem simple in uncluttered early stages, PUK quickly ramps up the difficulty with obstacles that block the way, multiple portals, and extra pucks that must be disposed of in the same short amount of time.  Success will be measured by how far you can get on a single run, with 1,000 finger-blistering levels available at launch.


PUK is the first offering from new UK developer Laser Dog, manned by Simon Renshaw, Mike Milner, and Rob Alinson.  The affinity this trio has for indie and retro gaming, on top of PUK‘s high score arcade mentality, hint at a game that will be as challenging as it is straightforward, frustrating as it is addictive.  Of course, if you don’t have that personal drive to best yourself, there will be Game Center integration and the opportunity to challenge your friends for title of Master PUKer.  (That’s not an official title, but the Laser Dog team is welcome to borrow it.)

We’ll be challenging everyone we know, and ourselves, when PUK is released on iOS and Android March 25th.