Today’s your lucky day, Clash of Clans players. The popular strategy game has just received a massive update, featuring a cavalcade of new content and several tweaks to the gameplay.

First spotted by Touch Arcade, the list of changes and improvements in the update is quite the extensive one. It can be read in its entirety under the What’s New section of the game’s App Store page, so we’ll just stick to the most notable additions here. First and foremost is the new unit upgrades for barbarians, archers, and giants.

The update is also introducing a new leaderboard to the game, because what good is clashing with clans if you don’t know how you stack up against all the other players in your country?

There are also a few new items—such as the Air Bomb and the Seeking Airmine—changes to the heroes in the form of faster health recovery and improved patrolling capabilities, and gameplay improvements like reduced spell creation times, additional achievements, and a reworked notification system.

Clash of Clans has held the number one spot on the App Store’s Top Grossing chart for quite some time now, which just goes to show you that people really like slaying goblins. Will this update help it retain its position in the months/weeks/years ahead? Only time will tell! All we know is that we want to go launch some air bombs, and we want to do it now.