All aboard the Brain Eater Express!

In the last few years, we’ve obliterated zombies on our touch screens with almost everything we could think of. Plants vs. Zombies let us fight the undead with a garden full of sunflowers and walnuts. In Zombieville U.S.A., we took to the overrun streets with a shotgun in hand and a bazooka by our side. But all this time, we’ve overlooked one of the most efficient forms of zombie-killing weaponry known to man: trains.

Yes, trains. They’re big, they’re fast, and they’ve also been rigged with titanium armor, deadly saw blades, and an extra pointy Zombieplow at the front of the engine to meet your every zombie-killing need. And that’s where Zombies and Trains comes in: an upcoming mobile arcade game that has you playing the part of the conductor in charge of a deadly train schedule. The game is one part Train Conductor, one part Zombie Highway, and all parts zombie bloodbath.

From the looks of the debut gameplay trailer, players will need to tap on different sections of strategically laid railroad tracks to usher in the trains, and bring on the choo-choo carnage. It sounds simple enough, but when you have dozens of zombies wandering every which way all over the tracks, timing the most destructive path will take some quick and careful planning. There’s no word yet on whether the frenzied action gameplay will be split up into multiple stages, except for the simple goal of fending off the zombies for as long as you can. But to help you do this, you’ll get different power-ups and upgrades for your deadly locomotives, like the ever effective Fire Trains, which leave a flaming path of destruction on the tracks in their wake.

While the game is scheduled for release next week on iOS platforms, the trailer also teases an Android and PC/Mac version as well, so everyone can blow the whistle on these multi-platform trains of death. We’ll find out more information when Zombies and Trains rolls into the station on February 7, 2013. You’d better hop on board as soon as you can though, because something tells me these trains are stopping for no one!