Krashlander lets you defeat robot warriors in the most sane way possible—by slamming into them.

Robots have invaded your home world and slaughtered everyone. You’re the last person left. How do you defend yourself and repel the invaders? Get them drunk on WD-40 and push them all into a deep hole with a bulldozer? Make it rain and turn them into piles of rust? Or maybe you’re better off bodily slamming into them all. The premise for Krashlander doesn’t sound very sensible, but it’s arguably the most fun you’ll have kicking killer robots off your turf.

Krashlander stars the last survivor (you) on a planet that’s been overrun by killer robots. Your primary means of getting rid of the overgrown toasters involves putting on a “krashsuit” and snowboarding into the bad boys after gaining a sufficient amount of speed and momentum.

Krashlander is a physics-based game that actually takes its mechanics from an abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator. You slide your thumb downwards to make your avatar crouch, and slide it up to make him reach for the sky. These actions give you the push and force necessary to topple the robots like so many metallic dominoes. As for the physical consequences that would typically be involved if you were to slam into a real robot, don’t worry: The krashsuit protects you and repairs any damage to your soft, meaty human body.


Krashlander is developed by Farseer Games, a one-man development studio operated by physics game enthusiast Jeff Weber. It’ll hit the App Store on February 7 for 99 cents.