Heroes can be hard to come by in the real world, but thankfully there’s no shortage of heroes to be found on the App Store. Better yet, those heroes are constantly working to improve themselves. Foursaken Media recently revealed in an interview with Modojo that a massive content update is already coming to Heroes and Castlesits popular third-person action/tower-defense game.

The update includes a new “Siege” mode, which lets you take on the shroud of evil and assault the castle walls as one of the enemy. There’s also a new competitive multiplayer mode that lets one side play as Good, and the other side as Evil. If you can’t decide which side to play on, flipping a coin is always a handy problem-solver in these instances.

Team Evil comes with four new hero classes, and there are two additional heroes ready to fight on the side of Good. One is the Elven Ranger, a sleek dude with a bow. The other is a Mage. Current characters will also be receiving optional alternate skins.

Finally, a pack of more mundane tweaks will be applied to Heroes and Castles during the update, including bug fixes and improved stability. Touch Arcade reports that the update has already been submitted, and should be available in the near future.