Take control of a wizard frog in this cool arcade shooter with an elemental twist!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the fate of the world was placed in the slimy four-toed hands of a wizard frog? Yeah, me too. But luckily we don’t have to wonder for long, as the upcoming mobile arcade game Frog Orbs will show us just how far a wizard frog is willing to go when his precious stash of flies gets compromised. Ballpit Monster’s Frog Orbs is a “modern, deeper retelling of the fixed arcade shooter,” and looks to bring some fast-paced and ribbeting- I mean riveting action to our touch screens this month. And really, what’s more modern these days than a frog in a wizard hat?

Frog Orbs puts you in the role of a fearless wizard frog, who stands up against any adversary, and harnesses the power of the four elements—Earth, Wind, Ice, and Fire—to banish them back to wherever they came from (I wonder if he has any relation to the frog from Zuma). The four elements are represented as orbs that sit at the bottom of the screen, right next to your frog, which you’ll presumably tap on to cast each respective spell and ward off the foes that descend from the top. Each of these invading baddies (goofy little creatures called Benglings) has their own different abilities and elemental weaknesses, so you’ll need to cast specific elemental attacks accordingly to counteract their movements as each one arrives.

The debut gameplay trailer (above) of Frog Orbs showcases a few of the colorful environments that you’ll have to defend over the course of your quest, including a chilling ice world and a volcanic fire world; and it gives a few hints of some special powers and other surprises that might arise down the road. Time your magical blasts correctly, and you’ll set off some serious chain reactions for maximum points and amphibious destruction, and each orb will be upgraded with every level you complete. It all looks really simple at first, but I have a croaking suspicion that things will get pretty hectic before long. Okay that was the last frog pun, I promise.

Frog Orbs

So if you’re in the mood for an exciting new fixed arcade shooter with a cool elemental twist and art style, then Frog Orbs might just be the magic ticket for you. But you can find out for sure when Frog Orbs hits the App Store on February 7.