Upgrade your guns, shoot, then upgrade some more with Overkill 2.

Video games are struggling to be regarded as legitimate forms of expression, which sometimes results in some mixed-up scenarios. You might be playing a role-playing game, or you might be reading a novel about love, triumph, and tragedy—sometimes it’s hard to tell. But there’s no doubt what Overkill for iOS is about: Acquiring guns, upgrading guns, and shooting those guns. Overkill 2 aims to keep the simple message and motive of its predecessor. Spill your enemies’ blood, or your own will paint the ground.

The original Overkill still commands a dedicated audience; over 12 million players have experienced the game on iOS and Android. Since fans of the game are especially enthusiastic about upgrading and customizing guns, Craneballs put special detail into the gun-building portion of Overkill 2. Now you can breathe in over 30 super-realistic gun models with 360-degree views and a zoom feature. Every weapon can be upgraded, and there are over 200 upgrades to play with.

The shooting portions of Overkill 2 feature smoothly-animated 3D enemies and retina graphics. You can also upgrade your health and lob grenades at the bad guys. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to be subtle.

Overkill 2

Overkill 2 is raw gun fun for people who like to look at guns up close. The game hits the App Store in March, and will follow on Google Play shortly thereafter. Pop off some Coke cans with your Daisy air rifle while you wait.