Farm life may seem mundane and predictable from the outside looking in, but it can actually be rather exciting. Sometimes the animals wreak havoc; other times a guy named Gus shows up looking for help with his romantic life. Wait, that second one may be exclusive to FarmVille 2.

From today until February 19, players of FarmVille 2 will have the chance to interact with Gus, “an easy-to-talk-to animal lover with a serious case of wanderlust.” He’s on a mission to woo the love of his life, and it’s your job to help him by making Valentine’s gifts, decorating the Sweetheart Tree, and other, similar activities that will no doubt leave the less romantic of us all cringing.


Zynga is being intentionally silent about who, exactly Gus has feelings for, and it’s part of your job to figure that out. It’s a good old fashioned mystery, and if we’re lucky, it will have a mindblowing, M. Night Shyamalan-esque twist to it.

But before you get started, be warned that only players level 7 and up can partake in all the action. There’s probably an appropriate love-related anecdote or quote I could say about that right now, but I’m assuming you’re already a little worn out by all the sappiness.