Car Club: Live, the new and improved version of Car Club: Tuning Storm, roars onto the interstates of the App Store in February.

Do you like cars? Do you like tuning them up and then taking them out to see what they can do? Then you might just like Car Club: Live, the “fully upgraded” successor to last year’s Car Club: Tuning Storm. The new game promises even more customization options than big-budget franchises like Need For Speed or Gran Turismo, with hundreds of replaceable parts like bumpers, roofs, doors, hoods and more, all gloriously rendered in high-polygon, 3D models.

But a car that just looks good in the parking lot outside the 7-11 store is only half a car, so once you’ve got your machine all tricked out you can square off against friends and strangers alike. The built-in social system will make it easy to hook up with dudes in Camaros and everyone else on the virtual streets, and there’s more to do than just racing: you can wash your friends’ vehicles, gamble, steal their money and, if you’re the less-than-scrupulous sort, even commit a little bit of strategic vandalism. There are achievements to collect and online rankings that let you measure your performance against friends and rivals alike.

Car Club: Live     Car Club: Live

There’s nothing of Car Club: Live to actually see at this point beyond a few screenshots, but the promise of “funny garage entertainment” is certainly intriguing. The iOS-exclusive Car Club: Live will shut ’em up and then shut ‘down in February.