In a zero gravity environment, even bricks are as light as a feather.

If you’ve played the arcade classic Breakout in any of its incarnations, then you might have noticed an interesting phenomenon: Orphaned bricks tend to stay floating in the air, where they wait patiently for the ball to erase their lonely existence. What’s holding those bricks in place? Dental floss? A strand of spider’s silk? It doesn’t really matter, because Brickout Zero Gravity for iOS aims to add a twist to the brick-breaking genre by introducing a zero-gravity environment wherein detached bricks float around. These cinder blocks aren’t going to wait for you to erase them, no sir.

Brickout Zero Gravity features realistic physics and a sleek, futuristic look. The premise is familiar: There are hovering bricks that need destroying, and it’s your paddle that’s going to do the job. You slide said paddle to and fro by sliding your finger across the screen. If you miss the ball, that’s a life gone.

The kicker is that the bricks aren’t stationary, as they tend to be in Breakout and its spin-offs. Once their initial serenity is shattered, the blocks lazily float in all directions and that makes nabbing them considerably more difficult. What’s more, there are traps that aim to trip you up, including rotating propellers that will fling your ball right back at you. Luckily, you can use traps to your advantage, like exploiting the propeller so that it boosts your ball up into the higher portions of the screen and keeps it there.

Brickout Zero Gravity

Brickout Zero Gravity comes to iOS at the end of February. Get ready to have a ball. Or maybe even three balls at a time, if you think you can juggle them efficiently.