A dictionary is an adventurer’s best friend.

Having spent much of my youth in spooky dungeons (it’s a long story), I know a thing or two about how to defeat monsters. While some may argue that stabbing them with a sword is the proper way to go about it, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The pen is mightier than the sword, as Crunching Koalas’ upcoming game WordTrap Dungeon—currently playable in its pre-alpha state—will soon teach you.

WordTrap Dungeon is a game about two specific things: slayin’ monsters and spellin’ words. If both of these activities interest you, chances are good you’ll feel right at home with its gameplay. Players navigate a series of dungeons, each filled with “everyday dungeon fellas” like rats and bats, as well as tougher boss characters. If you hope to survive these many encounters, you must quickly make words out of the letters available to you. This video of pre-alpha gameplay does a pretty good job of showing how that works:

Upon completion, the game will boast two different game modes – Story and Arena. In the former, you assume the role of a young wizard trying to escape a magic tower; in the latter, you try to defeat as many monsters as you can before keeling over.

The game will also be home to a variety of RPG mechanics, such as a level-up system, a trove of statistics, and sweet, sweet loot. Because what’s the fun in navigating dangerous dungeons if you can’t earn a bunch of cool items in the process?

WordTrap Dungeon

As noted above, those interested in WordTrap Dungeon can play the pre-alpha version of it right now. To do so, click here and register for Crunching Koalas’ beta program; if you’re already registered, click here to download.. And if you’re feeling especially excited about the game, you can help it out by tweeting out the link to its entry in OUYA and Kill Screen’s Game Jam.