Terry Cavanagh, developer of the minimalistic iOS masterpiece Super Hexagon (now on Android, too!) is looking to bring one of his earlier indie games, VVVVVV, to the iPhone. But don’t go setting aside your iTunes gift cards just yet, because according to Cavanagh, the game won’t be hitting the App Store anytime soon.

Joystiq spotted a series of photos Cavanagh tweeted out showcasing VVVVVV running on iOS. But as Cavanagh noted in one of the tweets, the port is a work in progress, and without any sort of release date. In fact, when asked when the game is expected to hit iOS, Cavanagh simply tweeted “not for AGES.”

Like Super Hexagon, VVVVVV is a punishingly hard game based around a simple mechanic. The retro 2D puzzle-platformer enables players to flip the force of gravity, which – thanks to the lack of a jump button – is the only means for traversing the game’s various spike-filled death traps.

VVVVVV originally saw release on PC, Mac, and later Linux, and was ported to Nintendo 3DS in 2011 with enhanced 3D graphics. The game is known for its high level of challenge and demand for precision platforming, making it a tough title to port to touch-based devices.

newsImage via Twitter

Cavanagh himself admitted the virtual controls in their current state are “acceptable,” adding that a game like VVVVVV “is always gonna be better with real buttons.” Nevertheless, he still hopes to make the touch-based port “good enough to play.”