Heroes be nimble, heroes be quick!

NimbleBit has been pretty busy in the months since the release of their insanely popular mobile titles Tiny Tower, Pocket Frogs, and most recently Pocket Planes. But they’ve been quietly teasing their latest project since last Halloween, and now we finally have a name and some concrete details about what this powerhouse developer has in store for us next.

That’s where Nimble Quest comes in. As NimbleBit informed Touch Arcade in an exclusive, Nimble Quest will have players “lead a conga line of heroes to glory against hordes of enemies across an endless number of stages.” You’ll also be able to join guilds and compete with other players online in special time-limited Guild Quests, as your party makes their way from the tranquil Forest, to the fiery Depths, and everywhere else in-between!

Nimble Quest

image via Touch Arcade

When I saw the first released screenshots of Nimble Quest, my immediate thought was the Super Nintendo RPG classic Earthbound. I guess that’s because of the way your party falls in a neat line behind one another, and the tranquil village environments you seem to traverse at the beginning of the game. But it looks like the gameplay will be more akin to that old game known as Snake; you know the one, where you have a long snake that’s constantly moving around a closed-in space, and you have to make it turn at just the right moment to avoid colliding with the walls and other obstacles around you, while the snake just keeps on getting longer over time. Things are certain to get hectic before long in Nimble Quest, because just like the snake, your party of heroes is unable to slow down. NimbleBit even emphasizes this fact in saying “seriously, you can’t stop.”

Nimble Quest

image via Touch Arcade

From the scarce handful of screenshots we can also see that there will be a ton of blue and green jewels to collect on your quest, as well as health bars for both your heroes and their adversaries. It seems like you’ll need to maneuver your heroes in close to the baddies to issue an attack, and players can select up to three ability buffs to enhance each one of their heroes, with stat improvements like additional health, more powerful attacks, and speedier footwork. I think it will be interesting to see how a combat mechanic is implemented into such a restricted style of gameplay, but I know if anyone can pull it off, NimbleBit can.

Not much other information has been released about Nimble Quest so far, but we’ll be sure to learn more as the game snakes closer to its release sometime within the next several months. And if their past games are any indication of how awesome Nimble Quest will be, then I certainly think it’s going to be worth the wait!