Rumble Entertainment, the developer behind KingsRoad and Nightmare Guardians, has announced that they’ll be publishing developer Aquiris’ upcoming browser-based FPS Ballistic. To learn more about the partnership, we spoke with Rumble CEO Greg Richardson over the phone.

“Of the 150 or so games we actually looked at in the first year of Rumble’s life, [Aquiris] were clearly the winners in our mind. Not only did they bring a passion and a strong creative vision around Ballistic, but they were a good cultural fit.” Richardson elaborated on this fit a bit more, citing the companies’ mutual belief that the high-caliber types of games – typically only playable on consoles or through clients – were going to become more accessible (i.e., playable via browser or smartphone/tablet) in the future. And if the screenshots are anything to go by, Ballistic is certainly a big step in that direction.


The partnership appears to be a mutually beneficial one: Rumble gets to publish a game with a lot of promise, and Aquiris is provided the capital and structure needed to make the game they want to make.

“They’re able to focus on making a great game, and let us focus on the business of building out the publishing infrastructure. And in addition, we’ve got a bunch of folks here that have made many, many platinum-selling console and hit free-to-play games, so I think there’s some wisdom and experience we can hopefully share. And then finally we provide capital.” All of this is in addition to providing data and analytic systems, scalability, and other helpful features.


Rumble is currently occupied with KingsRoad, Nightmare Guardians, and now Ballistic, but they’ve every intention of publishing more games in the future, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on that. Until then, find solace in the fact that Ballistic is expected to release in spring of this year.