It’s time to be ecologically friendly, Mr. Mayor!

Some upcoming games come at us in a “Justin Timberlake is back doing music again” sort of way, making as much noise as possible. Others are more subtle, and Green City by Melesta is one of those. Though the city builder with time management elements is keeping an air of mystery around some of its details, we do know its gameplay will be wrapped in eco-friendly trappings.

Because anyone can build a loud, pollution-filled city, Green City is going to challenge players to create the most environmentally friendly place possible. Do so and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. With what? Well far more than you can imagine!

Green City

To succeed in that goal, you’ll have to tap into both your inner engineer and your inner architect. The trick will be to give your city’s inhabitants all of the conveniences they expect while staying as green as possible at the same time. The developers want players to have to make choices about the impact of what they build instead of just haphazardly throwing stuff up everywhere, and it sounds as if aspects like building materials and energy consumption will be important considerations.

While the game’s interface looks similar enough to previous city builders that the learning curve will be smooth for many players, Melesta also wants quick thinking to play a role, teasing bigger rewards for decisive action. Players can expect 48 levels, 25 buildings with ecologically minded upgrades, and the requisite achievements to ensure the whole world knows how considerate you are to Mother Earth.

If you’ve ever wanted to put together a city in a way that makes more sense than the typical urban sprawl, this sounds like a game that might be right up your alley. Or maybe you just want to see if you can build stuff out of hemp. That’s eco-friendly, right? Either way, look for Green City to be available for PC before too long, and click on the handy ‘Follow” button to get the scoop on any further information as it hits.