The universe is a strange, unpredictable place. I could list a billion reasons for this, but I’ll focus instead on one of the major ones: everyone, everywhere is playing a massive game of Scrabble. You’re probably as surprised as I was when I first found out, and I’m sure you have tons of questions. I can’t help with that, but what I can do is tell you how well President Obama performed on this eternal Scrabble board during his second inauguration speech. With his frequent usage of ten dollar words like “liberty” and “equal,” he scored a total of 238 points.

That’s a mighty Scrabble score, and one that most would have trouble besting. Then again he got the board (shown below) entirely to himself, so that gave him a pretty massive edge. But he’s the president, so it’s only fair that he gets an entire board to himself. I just feel bad for anyone who plays against him, since they’d be forced to sit there and watch him fill up a whole board with high-scoring words while laughing maniacally.


Okay, confession time: there’s no magical Scrabble board in the sky. EA decided to tally up some of the more popular words in Obama’s inauguration speech and see how well they’d perform in Scrabble. They’d perform quite well, it turns out. That should come as no surprise, though, as apparently he’s quite the talented player.