When December 21, 2012 came and went with no hellfire raining upon us, no cataclysmic tremors that opened up the earth and swallowed entire cities whole, or any of the other world-ending doomsday predictions that were certain to occur, it was safe to assume that the Mayans were wrong. Unfortunately, an upcoming iOS game called Sheep Happens is about to let us know that the Mayans were actually right in their doomsday predictions: they were just wrong about the form this apocalypse would take.

In Sheep Happens, a new 2D puzzle runner set for release next month, players will need to help the mighty warrior Perseus save all of mankind after “sheep happens” on the Olympic Stadium in Ancient Greece (or as the game calls it, a “sheepocalypse”). That’s right: the human race was going to meet its end via sheep all along. Doesn’t it all seem so obvious in hindsight? All those wool sweaters I got for Christmas just seem like a cruel joke now.

Little else is known right now about Sheep Happens, aside from what we can gather from a very humorous introductory trailer: but who is really capable of knowing what an apocalypse has in store beforehand anyway? The trailer shows thousands of sheep plummeting to earth like burning, wooly comets, and running rampant all over the Olympic Stadium. As Persues, you get to run, jump, and bounce high off the invading sheep as full-blown chaos erupts all around you.

Sheep Happens

The game looks hectic, intense, and just all-around fun. The visuals are especially wonderful to look at, and I hope we get to see Persues fend off massive hoards of hell-sheep in a whole variety of exciting environments. So set your Mayan calendars for Sheep Happens, as it very well might be the last game on earth that humankind can play when the sheepocalypse hits the App Store in February 2013.