Rebuild humanity after an apocutelypse.

Post-apocalyptic scenarios are all the rage right now, from the Fallout and Metro series to The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, we just can’t get enough of the end of the world.  Usually, however, that end is accompanied by zombies or ghouls or other generally terrible things that no one should ever hope to experience in real life.  Except for Pixel People.  It presents a post-apocalyptic world that is adorable, and frankly, we want to go to there.

Pixel People (formerly known as After Earth), puts you in charge of Project Utopia, a world-rebuilding venture that requires new people be brought into the fledgling city of Utopia.  Since no babies can be born in this new city, you’ll need to combine the genes you have handy to create new Pixel People.  There are 150 potential results available which determine the person’s role in Utopia, whether they’re a scientist, schoolteacher, superhero, or something else.  Additionally, 80 animal creations are also possible through secret combinations.

Your creations will help to populate and build the city itself, which is loosely managed by your choices but ultimately autonomous.  As Mayor of Utopia, your primary focus is on expanding the citizens’ abilities and reclaiming the humanity that was lost along with the Earth, rediscovering knowledge, and even helping what were once just clones to find love amongst each other.

Pixel People     Pixel People

Although these deeper overtones may be hidden beneath Pixel People‘s blocky-cute exterior, the idea of rebuilding a civilization will always feel grander than just adding a floor to an apartment complex à la Tiny Tower.  With creation mechanics similar to Doodle God or Doodle Devil, there’s definitely a potential sense of playing with life and fate, and contemplating our own origin story.

Of course, there’s also a guy wearing a dinosaur costume.  So back to the adorable part.  Pixel People looks like it will be a refreshing, charming take on the city-building genre that is honest-to-goodness free to play.  We’ll find out for sure when it arrives in the App Store on January 31st.