Set sail for Facebook fun in the upcoming Invincible Armada

I’ve never been one for adventure on the high seas thanks to my propensity for seasickness, but from the safety of my laptop, I’m all for it. If you’re like me, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for Invincible Armada to set sail on Facebook. Korean developer Neowiz is cooking up a strategy RPG set in the golden era of sailing vessels, complete with naval combat, base building and trading, and with nary a wave in sight.

From a selection of impossibly handsome males and well endowed females, Invincible Armada will allow you to pick your own avatar and set off to make your fortune. The gameplay is primarily quest-based, with NPCs located in a number of real world cities anxious to put your skills to use. Completing missions will allow you to level up your character’s skill in Combat, Sailing, Luck and Knowledge, as well as unlocking new combat abilities and increasing the maximum size of your fleet.

Invincible Armada

You’ll need that fleet since the open seas are too dangerous to venture into alone. Other characters can be recruited to join your crew, and they’ll be able to command ships of their own and learn their own abilities. Naval combat unfolds in real time, whether it’s against computer-controlled enemy ships or other players in PvP warfare.

If a less bloody way if life is what you seek, you’ll also be able to make profits trading various goods as you sail from port to port. An Energy system controls how much you can travel in one session, but rewards await simply for exploring all of the various sections of the extensive game map.

A base of operations will eventually be yours to command as well, lending some standard city builder elements to the game. Resources produced in basic buildings can be further refined in crafting structures, complete with the time speeding items all Facebook and mobile players know by heart at this point. You’ll even have access to a ship-building facility to construct your own vessels from scratch.

Invincible Armada

Lest you think there’s no opportunities for good old fashioned pirate style plundering, a permit system will allow you to attack other players’ bases and raid them for goodies. Of course turnabout is fair play, so some defensive structures will be key to fending off human attacks. And if you’d rather cooperate instead of wage war, the game supports alliances that enable players to lend each other assistance when called upon.

If all of this sounds like your barrel of rum, you won’t have to wait long. Invincible Armada is set to have its official launch on February 7.