Run your own hotel, build facilities, and keep guests happy in Hotel Story.

Every hotel has a story. Consider the Overlook Hotel, a lovely structure with a rich history that’s nestled in a secluded pocket of the Rockies—uh, actually, let’s talk about a tamer hotel. Let’s talk about your potential hotel. Hotel Story is a building/simulation game that’s coming soon to iPhone and iPad. It offers an exciting taste of the hospitality industry, and you won’t have to deal with blood-filled elevators or haunted midnight masquerades.

As the manager of your very own hotel, it’s your duty to remember that your establishment is a haven at the end of many a weary traveler’s road. People like comfortable beds, good food, prompt service, and as few rat corpses as possible under their beds, and it’s your job to make sure they get all that.

In fact, you must ensure that they get more than the basics. You can build and upgrade facilities in your hotel, including restaurants and tour services. Giving tours is a good way to earn bonus money and items from your patrons, and higher-level tourists give up more coins that can be poured back into improving the hotel. Tourists spend more coins as they “level up,” which happens when they use well-equipped rooms and facilities. It’s like the Circle of Life, or an Ouroboros—an Ouroboros made out of hard pillows and clean sheets.

Hotel Story

Running a hotel is hard work, which is why Hotel Story has its own social networking options. The game will be out soon, so grab your friends and start dreaming about tourists loaded down with coins. Just keep an eye on that boiler in the basement.