Who ever thought a game about walking could be so much fun?

When you’ve been doing the whole freelance writing thing for as long as I have, you often take for granted the perks of working out of a home office. For one thing, I’m never running late for work in the morning, as my desk is only a few feet away from my bed. And perhaps most importantly, if I forget to put on pants one day, there’s a very good chance that my boss and coworkers aren’t going to notice.

But after watching the hilarious new trailer for Walking – Late to Work, I have a newfound respect for the many trials and tribulations the daily commuter must face as he makes his way to work in a fast-paced world.

Walking – Late to Work is an upcoming endless runner game that combines the traditional gameplay of the Temple Run series, with the bustling city environment and car-dodging aspects of Frogger. The game uses fun 3D block visuals similar to The Blockheads, and promises a great sense of humor to go along with it. I mean, you’re even encouraged to bump into tourists during your rush hour commute and pocket their cash; because there’s nothing like a paid bonus these days! And who better to steal from than tourists?

The goal of the game is simple: get to work on time! Of course, it won’t be that easy, as the busy streets of New York City are filled with killer taxi cabs, texting teenagers, and moms with double-wide strollers that you’ll have to avoid. One look at the game and it’s clear how important it is for your character to get to work on time and avoid being fired. I mean, this guy had such a late start this morning that he skipped putting on his pants altogether, and didn’t bother to hide those polka-dotted heart boxers. He also has the most determined look on his face that I’ve ever seen, as he maneuvers through the crowds of pedestrians with his tie flapping over his shoulder in the breeze.

Walking - Late to Work     Walking - Late to Work

I might set my alarm for an extra 30 minutes when Walking – Late to Work is released for iOS devices next month, and give myself some extra time to get ready for work in the morning: just in case. But then again, if this guy ever does wind up making it to work without any pants on (whether he’s late or on time), we might see a spin-off game in the near future about running away from the Human Resources Department.