With Tekken Card Tournament, fighting is in the cards.

Why get yourself dirty by punching an opponent’s face into a bloody pulp when you can punch that person’s face into a bloody pulp using the magic of playing cards? Tekken Card Tournament is an upcoming cross-media project from Namco Bandai that merges the legendary Tekken fighting universe with a digital card game and physical packs of booster cards.

Tekken Card Tournament is coming to tablets, smartphones, and web browsers across two phases. The online phase is a free-to-play card battle that should be available in the next few weeks, and purchasable booster card packs that will hit store shelves later this year.

Tekken Card Tournament

Said booster card packs can be played as a standalone game, but the big idea is to combine the virtual game with its physical aspect. After all, Tekken is a fighting game above all else. It pays to get physical.

The virtual portion of Tekken Card Tournament works as a stand-alone game, too. Players compete in the King of the Iron Fist tournament, and can lay the smack down via their deck anytime, anywhere, with challengers playing on any device. Using QR codes, players can combine their physical and virtual decks to upgrade their digital warriors and recruit new fighters to their roster. The cards even allow for access to an Augmented Reality feature that pulls fighters into the real world.

Tekken Card Tournament

Look for Tekken Card Tournament on smartphones, tablets, and browsers sometime in February. Booster card packs should arrive in stores in the spring.