Roar Rampage has set the ground for one awesome path of destruction.

When I was growing up, I must have spent hundreds of dollars in quarters playing Rampage down at the local arcade. And with good reason, too! I mean, climbing up the side of a giant skyscraper as Lizzie the lizard or George the gorilla, and punching through the windows to snack on some humans just seemed like the perfect Saturday afternoon to a kid, didn’t it? That’s why I’m so excited about Roar Rampage by Neutronized and FDG Entertainment, which is set to bring the same kind of city-destroying chaos to the small screen when it arrives on the iOS App Store on February 7.

Looking at the first batch of gameplay footage (above), it’s clear that Roar Rampage pays homage to the beloved Midway title, while at the same time bringing its own unique brand of arcade-style gameplay to the table. Rampage fans will recognize the nods to the old-school classic almost instantly, but the big difference here is that your monster is now bigger than the buildings that oppose him, and knocking them down is as easy as a one-two jab with your star-spangled boxing gloves. The sidescrolling world tour of annihilation will take you through some exciting and colorful backdrops as you find your monster smashing through helicopters, pummeling the Statue of Liberty, and donning a top hat and monocle to keep your destruction ever so classy.

Roar Rampage

The gameplay footage also shows a cast of loveable (though certainly disgruntled) monsters wielding axes at times and other larger-than-life weapons to help with their smashing. There even looks to be an entertaining Breakout mini-game of sorts during one level, and a wild boss fight with a giant fighting robot. As if they didn’t have me sold already! But personal nostalgia aside, the best thing about Roar Rampage is that it just looks like so much fun to play, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what other kinds of surprises this destructive little game has in store. In the meantime, you can find me hanging off the side of a towering building, and window shopping for a new pair of boxing gloves to wear on my next trip into the city.