Save the Queen’s jewels by the skin of your fingertip.

Cats typically get a bad rap in the good vs. evil game: they’re always the pets of, or villains themselves, while their canine colleagues get to be superheroes and police dogs.  Of course, that imbalance will never be resolved so long as diabolical kitties keep stealing jewels and hiding them away in their impenetrable vaults of doom, like Dr. Puss in Half-Inch Heist.

It’s no wonder that this medically-licensed feline thinks he can get away with grand theft: he has a super fortress filled with alarms, lasers, crushing robotic arms, missiles, and turrets, just to start.  Getting past all of those will still leave seven unique bosses, such as Lazerpussy and Skulitron, to deal with.  And what support do you have to counter this mastermind?  Your finger.

That’s right.  You, Gemz Bond, need to get into Dr. Puss’ Securi-Vault, steal back the diamond he snatched from the Crown Jewels, and maneuver it around all of the aforementioned death traps to safety, using only the power of your fingertip (which obviously needs to keep a hold of the diamond itself).  Easy-peasy right?  No, not at all.  And that’s potentially the fun of it.

Half-Inch Heist openly harkens back to arcade games of the past, from its pixelated graphics and techno chiptunes soundtrack to the level of challenge provided by its fiendishly constructed worlds.  When the game was in beta testing with only the first four worlds completed, Mutant Labs admitted that getting through just those four would be worthy of kudos.  And now there are at least seven robotically booby-trapped worlds waiting to rip your finger a new one if you make a misstep.  It sounds awesome.

Half-Inch Heist

Half-Inch Heist will be available on iOS and iPad January 24th, for the low, low price of nothing.  If you need something to occupy your time until then, I recommend a petition to bring Rotato Potato to your neighborhood.  Those Mutant Labs guys do cool things.  Half-Inch Heist will soon be the newest cool thing.