Is it just us or has it been absolutely freezing lately? We want to say it has something to do with it being winter—and, you know, all the snow—but who can say? We aren’t meteorologists, nor do we claim to know a thing about seasons and climates. We are but humble writers, operating with the sole intent of telling you cool things about video games – like the just-launched Snow Storm Bundle over on Indie Royale!

For those unaware, Indie Royale is a site that sells bundles of indie games (and other goodies) on a regular basis. There’s a fluctuating minimum amount that must be paid for each bundle, but it’s always very reasonable. Unless, of course, you consider anything over the price of free to be unreasonable. But if that’s the case you’re probably too busy hanging out at a Costco and eating free samples to be reading this. Good riddance.

But we’re starting to ramble. Here are the six games being offered in the Snow Storm Bundle:

  • Resonance – Resonance tells the story of four people who must do everything in their power to rid the world of a grossly powerful technology. If you’re an old-school adventure fan, this game ought to hit all the right notes.
  • Hinterland – A game that marries RPG gameplay to simulation elements, the outcome being an incredibly competent (and addictive) experience.
  • RoboBlitz – A robot is on a mission to rescue its factory from a group of evil mechanical brains. In order to pull it off, it’ll have to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles, not to mention learn its way around several physics-based weapons. No one ever said being a heroic robot would be easy.
  • StarDrone – StarDrone is pure, unadultered arcade action. It takes elements from pinball and Breakout, and then sweetens the pot with a hearty dose of insanity.
  • Project Aftermath – An RTS game with tons of customization options and weapons, along with gameplay that rewards the player for taking risks.
  • RobotRiotFact: Everyone needs some good 2D platformer action once in a while. Also-fact: RobotRiot can provide just that.

The bundle will also come with the soundtracks for Hinterland, RoboBlitz, StarDrone, and Robot Riot. And if you pitch in $8 or more, you’ll also receive “Planetari,” an ambient electronic album by Pixeljam.

If you’re interested, make sure you act semi-fast! The bundle will disappear in a week.