Gamezebo is plenty of fun in your browser, but did you know we can be just as exciting on-the-go?  Our Wanna Play app for iPhone lets mobile gamers know what games are on the horizon, mark the ones they like as “wanna play,” and even get a push notification when they’re released!

As you might have guessed, this neat little app can generate some pretty cool stats too.  For example: we can see which games are the most anticipated by our Wanna Play users – and then we can share that information right here with you!  And so, without further ado, Gamezebo gives you the 5 most anticipated upcoming iPhone releases according to Wanna Play users;



5. Ace of Blades

From the makers of Spell Sword, Ace of Blades twists the world you know and love from their last game and shapes it into a sidescrolling platformer.



4. Ghostbusters

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!  And neither is Beeline Interactive, apparently.  The developer behind Smurfs’ Village and Snoopy’s Street Fair is tackling the world of paranormal investigation in their next licensed social game.


3. The Drowning

Gorgeous free-to-play shooters aren’t just for the desktop anymore.  In this upcoming horror jaunt from Scattered Entertainment and DeNA, players will survive in a world short on supplies and heavy on the monsters.


2. Castaway Paradise

Have you been hoping someone with a little style and panache could take Nintendo’s Animal Crossing formula and rework it into a fresh new game for the iPhone?  Stolen Couch Games, the folks behind the fiendishly fun minimalist puzzler Ichi are hoping to do just that with Castaway Paradise.


1. Hatch

Tamagotchi‘s are great and all, but they’re so 1996.  If you want a virtual pet in 2013, you’ll probably want something like Hatch.  Just check out the trailer above and you’ll quickly see why.

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