As everyone knows, Steam is powered by a weird form of arcane magic that puts games on sale the day after you purchase them at full price. It’s been this way since roughly 8,000 B.C., and there was little reason to think it would ever change. But a website called Steam Alerts has taken a significant step towards ending this madness, allowing people to set up alerts for when the games they want go on sale at (or below) a price of their choosing.

Which isn’t to say this website will solve all of the problems that ail us Steam users. After all, you still need to exert a little willpower if you’re going to save money in the long run – which means holding out and not buying games when they aren’t on sale. But at least now you won’t be forced to check Steam constantly in order to figure out if the game you’re interested in is available for the price you have in mind.

And before you start writing up those riled comments about how Steam’s wishlist functionality already does all this, Steam Alerts really is different! Both notify you via email, yes, but Alerts only does so when the games you’re interested in are available at or below the price you specified. So there.