Kingdom Conquest’s follow-up promises more monsters, more battles, more building, and more good times with friends.

So you did a little kingdom-conquering in 2010’s Kingdom Conquest, eh? You sure you conquered everything, though? Maybe you missed a spot. Maybe you overlooked some peasant cowering in the corner of a mud hut. No, huh? Well then, you’re ready for Kingdom Conquest II, Sega’s follow-up adventure/RPG for iOS.

The original Kingdom Conquest boasts over three million downloads in addition to praise from critics and players alike. Like its predecessor, Kingdom Conquest II is a 3D role-playing game that’s crawling with monsters, adventure, and opportunity.


Kingdom Conquest II is about battles, first and foremost. You fight using weapons and magic from a third-person viewpoint. Magna is a hard ol’ world to tame, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can join up with players from all around the world and form alliances to climb to the top of the heap.

Every warlord needs a place to catnap, and Kingdom Conquest II gives you a city and a fortress that you can build up when you’ve had enough of snapping necks. There are even more building options on-hand than in the original Kingdom Conquest. And speaking of necessary downtime, you can also collect and trade monster cards that are used in battle.

Kingdom Conquest IIKingdom Conquest II

Kingdom Conquest II is a good choice for fans of the original, or for anyone who wants to kill some dragons without leaving the groove in their couch. The game should hit the App Store soon.